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The Ocean Sky Difference to Self Storage:

Long & Short Term Storage - You are not locked into any minimum period contracts, store for a day or for years, the choice is yours.

A Portable Storage Solution That Comes To You - Our storage vaults are portable and fully transportable. Our unique system eliminates 50% - 75% of extra handling required by traditional means of transport. This not only saves you time and money but most importantly reduces the risk of damage. That is, the vaults are loaded at your residence, sealed and transported to our secured storage facility for forklift positioning. There is no need to manually manhandle your goods from a truck and into a storage unit.

Conversely, when it’s time to remove your goods from storage, your vaults are placed on a delivery truck and delivered to your residences, unsealed and unloaded. The total number of times your possessions are manhandled is 2, once from your home to the vault and once from the vault to your home. Simple!

Onsite Professional Packing & Wrapping Service - Take advantage of our professional packing and wrapping services. Why risk your furnishings to the risk of damage by moving them from your home with no protective packaging? We offer a NEW on-site felt-backed bubblewrap wrapping service for your furnishings before they leave your front door! Our specially designed felt-backed bubblewrap was specially designed for all types of furnishings ranging from high gloss finishes to veneered surfaces. Whatever your requirements, we have the solution!

NEW on-site storage carton packing services are also available.

Consider This...

Many storage and removal companies only protect your furnishings once they have moved each piece from your home and positioned it near their truck. It is at this point they spread out their dirty old horse blankets (also known as furniture pads) onto your lawn or driveway and wrap your beautifully clean furniture in an effort to stop them from rubbing against each other in the truck. These so called pads have been used time and time again on other lawns (sometimes muddy) and other driveways (sometimes oily). Do you really want to exposed your beloved possessions to this type of treatment?

Please note our storage services are best suited to those who do not wish to access their stored goods, for example,

  • if you are taking time off to travel and need to vacate your home
  • you have accepted employment here or abroad which includes furnished accommodation and you have no immediate need for your own furnishings
  • you are building a new home and need somewhere safe to store your belongings
  • you simply have surplus furnishings but you are undecided what to do with them

The Ocean Sky Storage Solution was designed with you in mind.